In the 1990’s I found myself in the middle of the Kimberley region of Northern Western Australia, I’d been posted there as a school teacher! I was surrounded by cattle stations, cowboys and rodeos. I took an immediate liking to rodeos. I was fascinated by the whole scene! Maybe it was my childhood memories of playing cowboys in the backyard at home.Off-White T-Shirt with BULLRIDER print.

But I really admired the competitors, both male and female, both young and old. Every week they’ll drive hundreds of miles and spend hundreds of dollars, all for 3.2 seconds on the back of a rank bull. Then they do it all again, over and over, again and again. That’s what I really admire, the incredible courage, the quiet confidence, the unwavering determination and that never give up attitude.

I realized I’d never be a bullrider, not even a ringer, but I can adopt and live by the qualities of the rodeo competitor. Whether you’re a bullrider or a bus driver, a barrel racer or a boilermaker, a ringer or a receptionist, a cowboy or a carpenter. You can be confident, you can be determined, you can never give up. It’s an attitude thing!

And so the Bullrider Brand and logo were created. Something new, something unique, something that can evolve with the people that wear it. Whether you’re wearing a Tshirt or a cap, the logo will become a part of you as much as you become a part of the logo…confident, determined, never give up.


Graeme Blackley, Founder/Manager

it's all atitude

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